Services Supplement for CMMI for Development


This half-day course introduces service providers, appraisal team members, and process group members to CMMI® fundamental concepts related to service delivery. The CMMI for Services (CMMI-SVC) model defines effective practices that ensure quality services are delivered to customers and end users. Some types of services that would benefit from using CMMI-SVC include operations, logistics, maintenance, IT, and many other services in other government and industry.

This half-day course is composed of lectures and class exercises with ample opportunity for participant questions and discussions. After attending the course, participants will be able to describe the CMMI-SVC model, discuss the model’s process areas, and locate relevant information in the model.



Agapi Svolou  is the owner of Alexanna, LLC, a consulting company providing its expertise in software, services, and systems engineering, with a special emphasis in helping organizations getting started in process improvement via an understanding of human, cultural, and technological changes required to implement improvement efforts. She is a member of the product development team of the CMMI V 2.0 product suite and has also been serving in the CMMI V 2.0 Architecture Working Group.

Alexanna, LLC, is a partner with the CMMI Institute and has served both as a chair and a co-chair of the Partner Advisory Board (board representing all CMMI Institute partners).

Course Benefits

  • This course, with its prerequisite, Introduction to CMMI DEV Version 1.3, fulfills a prerequisite for any course requiring an official CMMI Institute Introductory CMMI for Services course. This course is also a prerequisite for being a lead appraiser, team leader, or team  member on a SCAMPI appraisal using the CMMI-SVC model.


  • Service providers and process implementers
  • Candidate CMMI-SVC instructors and lead appraisers
  • CMMI-SVC appraisal team members
  • Anyone interested in learning about CMMI-SVC.

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Services Overview
  • CMMI-SVC Unique Process Areas and Service-Related Specific Practices
  • Next steps
  • Summary

Prerequisites: Before registering for this course, participants must have successfully completed the Introduction to CMMI DEV course (Version 1.3). This is a strict requirement.

Course Objectives

Successful completion of this course enables participants to do the following:

  • understand how CMMI-SVC v1.3 can help a services organization improve their performance
  • describe the unique elements of CMMI-SVC v1.3
  • locate information in the CMMI-SVC v1.3 model.

Course Materials

  • Participants will receive the CMMI for Services, Version 1.3 model and a course notebook with copies of the course slides.

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